Next project!

Hey what’s up. Rin here. Ok, with Shoujo wa kyou finished is time to move to a brand new project. I had some personal candidates and some people suggested me to do some others, so I wanted to know which ones are more popular. The ones with higher scores in this poll will have priority, but in the end the last choice is mine (sorry). Notice that some of this tankoubon are partially translated, so those would n’t be that time consuming, hopefully. Each title is a link to the raw tank

So what do you want to see translated? The poll is multi-answer

[poll closed!]

10 thoughts on “Next project!

  1. Hi! First of all, thanks for translations – world badly needs loli vanilla.

    Secondly, and this is just what I do if I have multiple projects (in work) to finish – I usually order them from the most to least complete, so in this case it’d be Girls Ensemble first. I voted for Rico one though.


  2. Actually quite a bit more of [Homing] Chou raburabu imouto has been translated than you think:
    Ch1 – Imouto Oppai (COMIC RiN 2011-05) [English] {Dame!trans}
    Ch2 – Imouto o Futtara Yakezake Nomi Hajimeta | If You Reject Your Little Sister, She’ll Start Drinking (COMIC RiN 2011-09) [English] [Dame!trans]
    Ch3 – Imouto Pants wo Ajiwau Saikou no Houhou | The Best Way to Enjoy Your Little Sister’s Panties (COMIC RiN 2011-11) [English] {Dame!trans}
    Ch7 – Super Satisfaction Delivery #6 -My Neighbor Saki-chan- [ENG] (Hayama_Kotono)
    Ch8 – Chou-Manzoku Delivery -Maid Gohoushi Course- (COMIC RiN 2010-05) [English] {Dame!trans}
    Ch10 – Nekomi wo Osowanaide kudasai | Please Do Not Ravish Me When I Fall Asleep (COMIC RiN 2010-10) [English] {Dame!trans}
    Ch12 – Boku no Grandma (COMIC RiN 2011-01) [English] {Dame!trans}
    BTW, it would be nice to see Seiyoku Kitou Saint Feather finally finished off
    If you’ve never read it, you should – it’s pretty funny.


  3. Why you make my life so difficult???
    There are not a choose ALL OF THE ABOVE? 🙂 All gGreat artists.

    I’m very curious what tank will win. Is the poll going for some time?

    Is so good to have a new translator that don’t mind to finish some older tanks that are partially translated.
    You have a place to put some suggestions in the site?

    Thank you for your work


    • You are welcome 😉 The poll will stay a few days until I close the votes.

      I don’t have any way to receive suggestions other than private messages and comments on my releases but I might create something for that.


  4. Thanks for the translations! I love now that I can finish reading these that were not quite finished. I love all the artists so I don’t particularly care for the order. If I may offer a suggestion for future unfinished tanks, Bar PeachPit. Namely the first tank Shu-Chu-Rock 1. 2 seems to be already completed, but 1 seemed to have the back-story leading into 2.


  5. Thanks for translating! Its good to see finished tanks. I really like all the above artists.

    I hope i can make a suggestion.
    Is the second volume of Round Shell from Wanyan Aguda. The first volume is translated but only the first chapter of the second volume is translated.

    [Wanyan Aguda] Round Shell Second


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