Poll results and new project

Hey there. In 2 days the poll received 106 votes. Thank you to all who voted 🙂 poll results

Let’s break up the votes a bit. Stand by me was the winner, a lot of people has shown (heh >le jokes) interest in seeing this Higashiyama Show’s work full, so it will be my next translation… here a teaser of the first untranslated page, clean and waiting for some typesetting 🙂



Secondly, Fuyuno Mikan’s tanks were also popular, the strange thing was the chronologically second volume was more voted than the first one…. there is some kind of “sequel”, (the quotes are important ).

I’ll have updates soon, stay tuned 🙂


2 thoughts on “Poll results and new project

  1. Great news about the pool.
    Higashiyama Show is a great author. Fuyuno Mikan is also a great artist. But any of the 6 tanks is excellent.
    I hope you can keep them in mind for future translations.


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