Project #2 Higashiyama Show – Stand By Me


The tankoubon chosen by the poll some days ago. Double release to celebrate the weekend 😉

Author: Higashiyama Show – 東山翔

Original title: Stand By Me - スタンド バイ ミー

[Link] [Sad panda] [Tsumino]

The full music playlist for the titles can be found here: [Link]

7 thoughts on “Project #2 Higashiyama Show – Stand By Me

  1. Awesome, I’ve been waiting ages for this. Thanks.
    Do you think you will be scanlating those two Implicity chapters too? (LO 2013-07 and 2014-08)
    And do you know if he has done other work after Nymphodelic apart from those two chapters and Stretch?


    • as a matter of fact, I have the first implicity chapter translated, clean and redrawn, only typesetting need. However I wont be doing the second one since its too much fucked up for my tastes.

      Check Prism if you didnt know it, shame it was cancelled due to plagiarism accusations.


      • Oh awesome, I can’t wait!
        And yeah I agree that the second one is really fucked up and not like him at all. What was he thinking? I remember speculating that he may have drawn it while he was mad at the Prism thing (which I read and really enjoyed until it lasted), but who knows.


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