Look what I received today #1


This is the first Comic LO issue I ever bought, I’m quite surprised about some things, I used to buy Comic Kairakuten and, aside from the contents, this magazine is better in a lot of ways. The paper quality and thickness, the glossy material of the cover, the amazing cover artwork… I was also surprised it has a spine cover… Kairakuten is just an oversized magazine, without spine cover, this is much more like a big book, the +300 yen extra are for a reason.



The only downside I detected for the moment is this issue doesn’t have a single color page (ooooh!), when I saw on the [Akaneshinsha site] the first artist on the roster was Yukiu Con I assumed his first pages would be in full color but I was mistaken 😦

Well, at least I get to read it before the majority of baka gaijin, since it won’t be scanned and uploaded until the ~21st of this month, approximately, when the October issue starts selling on stores.

11 thoughts on “Look what I received today #1

    • That’s the problem because I use that site, but comic LO is nowhere to be found. Or am I blind? I’m obviously looking at the adult section, but still nothing. I used both Japanese and English names, tried different combinations, comic LO still nowhere to be found.

      If you could provide me with a direct link to a magazine it’d solve my problem as I’d know how to phrase my searches then.


    • Hello, have you ever got something shipped with fedex in Honto, I want to buy like 10 normal manga, but I’m not sure what rates do they use for fedex, are they similar to the ones they use in CDJapan?
      I sometimes buy manga in Hobby Link Japan and they offer Fedex, but its really cheap compared to cdjapan, I usually pay under 2000 for five manga even Magazines like Afternoon or Young Ace


      • Sorry, I only used SAL shipping from honto. Its cheap and slow, but it has no risk of getting stuck on customs office, which is kind of common where I live


    • Thank you for the reply, I don’t want to use SAL, because my service is shit, it may get stolen if I don’t use RSAL
      Here I don’t have to worry about customs at least


  1. yes, its kinda tricky to find this magazine, I had to pull some tricks but noe I know a rather simple way. Its strange but for some reason comic LO doesnt appear when you search on 雑誌>アダルト (magazines>adult)

    first pass the age check here (pres yes, はい)


    then go to this link


    I warn you, they stock only a few so you have like 2 days for buying before the y sold out. Comic LO always starts to sell the 21st every month and you can “preorder” 2 or 3 days before the 21st on honto


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