Look what I received today #2


Yep, the latest Yukiu Con Tankoubon: JC manual. Yukiu Con has always been one of my favorite loli artists, so I totally had to buy this one. Plus, thanks to the point program on honto I bought it by less than half the price, 450JPY. Here is a shot with his big brother, Shoujo wa kyou:


Now for the drama part. JC Manual started to sell on stores 2 weeks ago, the 28th of July, 9 days after the full tank was scanned and uploaded to our favorite panda bear… While the vast majority of people see that as a pretty good think, I don’t, this book was scanned too soon, and that will affect to its sales, when I downloaded by torrent, around the 80% of the peers were from Japan, people that surely have easy access to stores selling the book, so it’s foolish to think no sales were killed by publishing a scan so soon…

Obviously 1 download ≠ 1 less sale, but I found really painful to see this great artist’s latest book being scanned soon, manga is a business, even if I, and thousands of people think Yukiu Con is a beast mangaka, if the book doesn’t sell well, we won’t have more stories from him. Manga artists need money, even H artists, even Loli artists.

About translating this volume… I might, I probably will. I want to translate myself at least the last story, featuring Sayu, the cover girl from Shoujo wa Kyou and my first translation release “Love is Money (Temporally)”, I don’t know about the rest, we’ll see when I finish with Fuyuno Mikan.

By the way I think 2 weeks is a new world record for SAL shipping.

4 thoughts on “Look what I received today #2

  1. Am I the only one who gets SAL always under 7 days? 80% of the time it’s exactly one week, sometimes even less, usually 5 days. But then again, I’m an yuropean.


  2. you lucky , Do your books have censor black bar? or translucent bar? or mosaic censor? total censor?
    several manga loli hentai mangas have censor (also total censor genitals), maybe yo have a pic of pages, thanks


    • It depends a lot on the publishing company and the year of publication. Also magazines use different censoring (often heavier than volume).

      I might do a humble review on the different publishing companies, they paper quality and all these things… I’ve been thinking about it for a while.


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