Next project

After gathering some suggestions (thank you all who participated πŸ™‚ ) we painfully reduced the list to these titles, some of them have chapters translated, check them out :). Again you can vote for any number of them in the poll. The images link to the exhentai raws.

[Misao.] Hajimete Janai yo [Sasahara Yuuki] Shoujo Philia [Sekiya Asami] Bokura no Line

[Ueda Yuu] Tobidase! Koakuma[Onizuka Naoshi] Porno Graffitti[Sakurafubuki Nel] Hatsukoi Recipe - First Love Recipe

21 thoughts on “Next project

  1. I like female artist’s manga. Four of this six artists are females (Sasahara Yuuki, Sekiya Asami, Ueda Yuu, Sakurafubuki Nel).

    All of this tankoubons partially translated to english.

    [Misao.] Hajimete Janai yo
    One chapter translated:

    01. Point Choudai? | Won’t You Give Me Some Points? (by 5 a.m. translations)


    [Sasahara Yuuki] Shoujo Philia
    Two chapters translated:

    07. Girls Night Out [Rewrite by olddog51]
    (This rewrite may not count)

    08. Gohoubi. | Her Reward (by Team Vanilla)


    [Sekiya Asami] Bokura no Line

    Three chapters translated:

    07. LUSTKING Append Ver
    08. LUSTKING Trial
    09. LUSTKING Ex

    LUST KING Sairokuhon (Original) [English][BiriBiri + LoliLoli Hunters]


    [Ueda Yuu] Tobidase! Koakuma

    Chapters 1 – 6 and 13 translated by Hayama Kotono.

    [Ueda Yuu] Tobidase! Koakuma Ch. 1-6, 13 [English] [Hayama_Kotono]


    [Onizuka Naoshi] Porno Graffitti

    7 Chapters translated, only 4 not translated:

    01. Isn’t It Alright to Fall in Love – Sukini Nattara Iijyanai (by Hox)
    02. Fiction S (by hox)
    04. Scar Tissue (by SaHa)
    04. Scar Tissue [by Hayama Kotono]
    05. Girl’s Collection (by Yoroshii)
    08. Papiliones (by biribiri)
    09. Papiliones ~Fragment~ [by biribiri]
    10. People Can’t Survive on Nothing But Love… [by YQII]

    Chapter 4 has two translations.

    [Onizuka Naoshi] Porno Graffiti Ch. 1-2, 4-5, 10 [English] [Hox, SaHa, Yoroshii, YQII]

    [Onizuka Naoshi] Porno Graffitti Ch. 8-9 [English] [biribiri]

    [Onizuka Naoshi] Scar Tissue [ENG] (Hayama_Kotono)


    [Sakurafubuki Nel] Hatsukoi Recipe

    8 chapters translated by SaHa and LWB, only 3 – not:

    01. Pink Recipe
    02. Sweet Brownie
    03. Cotton Panty Chu!
    04. Traces of First Love
    05. Pavlov
    07. Their Circumstances
    08. Onii-chan to Natsu!

    [Sakurafubuki Nel] Hatsukoi Recipe – First Love Recipe Ch. 1-5, 7 [English]

    [Sakurafubuki Nel] Onii-chan to Natsu! [English] =TV=


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  2. This was a tough one. I’ve been pestering other translators to do more Misao. for years, but completing Porno Graffiti is long over due & let’s face it, Onizuka Naoshi is the Loli King. Onizuka-sensei has my vote.

    Thanks for doing this.


  3. One more thought. This is a great list; or perhaps “a list of greats” might be the better phrase. It’s a shame that each and every one has not been translated long ago and so much junk has been. I’ve got to learn to translate Japanese for the betterment of mankind, or at least lolikind.


  4. Im going to vote for [Onizuka Naoshi] Porno Graffitti but Misao is also amazing.

    BTW from what manga is your banner from?


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