Project #3 Fuyuno Mikan – What’s wrong with liking little girls!?


Triple release (the whole Non-fiction diary story) and new project finished

Author: Fuyuno Mikan – 冬野みかん

Original title: What’s wrong with liking little girls!? - 小さい女の子が好きで何が悪い!

[Link] [Sad panda] [Tsumino]

Also, if any other scanlation group wants the clean raws to translate to any other language, you just need to ask me. I’ll hand them gladly. Leave a comment and I will send them asap.

8 thoughts on “Project #3 Fuyuno Mikan – What’s wrong with liking little girls!?

  1. You’re a very nice guy and an example to follow, so thank you very much for all your effort. My question then would be: could you be so kind as to give me the clean raw chapters of Stand By Me that you worked ?, besides that be a good idea to tell me what fonts did you use for typesetting. I have no experience in the world of scanlation, but I’m a big fan of Higashiyama Show and I would like to translate them into Spanish or at least make an attempt.


  2. Here you go:!ENtnVQxC!PZ-GJ_q_judoCmlxSDKIeo_DHSQD0VEHd0GBnhyIxC0

    My basic font setting was this for Stand By Me and Shoujo wa Kyou (Its a little different for each project since different artists also use different fonts) (surprise! I speak Spanish too!)

    Also I highly recommend you to read this before

    For anything else, I’ll be on the IRC (but not this week :_ I’ll come back on monday)


    • It is a surprise to see the languages you handle, which is quite enviable, xd. Yes, I already imagined that there were several fonts and used according to the situation, so it’s very good to know that. I’ll try to make an attempt, if anything results from it then it will inform you. Anyway thank you very much for all your help and attention given.


  3. Thanks for translating this tank.
    All the next translations tanks are good so it is so tough to choose 🙂
    I hope the last pool tanks that don’t win are still in your future plans because they was so good too 😉


  4. Dude, great job! Seeing other translators dishing out the English loli-tanks really gets me fired up to do more of the same. Whoo! Motivation boost! Really glad the Fuyuno Mikan stuff is in super competent hands. ^_^


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