Just a little request…

I connected to Pururin yesterday in order to upload all our previous projects there and I saw somebody uploaded already Stand by me… deleting all the credit pages and tagging the scanlators as “Team Vanilla”, where actually it was the work of four scanlation groups, Rin Scans included.

I added “Scanlator: Rin Scans” as a new possible tag but it needs to get approved before we can put it on our releases.

If any of you can “Vote up” the submission here (No need for an account, you can vote anonymously) I’ll be so thankful.

I’ll try also to upload the previous projects eventually too.

Please people, don’t delete the credit pages… scanlation is a lot of work we do -mostly- for free, and having the readers know who is behind each release is the least we can ask for.

PS: the next chapter is on its [way]

PPS: ah! I also changed the description of Stand by me to notify about all the scanlators involved [here]. I think I added Ugliblawg to the tags (It was the only one its already registered) but I’m not that sure.

Edit October 16th: The tag is approved, thank you so much for voting 🙂

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