Look what I received today #3


My newest acquisition is “Lolicha love”, by Mdo-H

I fell in love with the art in this volume when I first saw it. great drawings, cute girls and full of happy sex 🙂


The SAL shipping karma was pretty bad this time. this left honto’s HQ September 20th, so that’s a full month, sheeeeit.

5 thoughts on “Look what I received today #3

  1. Mdo-H is a very good artist but so few of his works are translated. i hope you guys can do something about it and translate some of his works 😉


  2. Una pregunta, los de Honto ya aceptan tarjetas Visa Electrón? o siguen negandose a solucionar ese problema, ya que me podría ser útil si por fin aceptan esas tarjetas.


    • Siempre que te pase eso no selecciones que tienes una visa electron, dale a “visa” a secas y pon tu numero entonces. Funciona bastante a menudo por alguna razon que desconozco.


  3. Mdo’s lolis truly are wonderful. Every once in a while I’m overcome with a desire to translate another one of his works but then I’m reminded yet again of immense amount redraw that would entail for moan bubbles alone. Alas, if only his latest tankoubons were at the same easy level as his earlier tanks such as School Complex. Which ironically doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as popular as the later stuff.


    • For sure. I’ve been tempted of adding this one to the list of future projects but the amount of redrawing work would be insane. These latest works are really visually appealing, the use of tones, shadows and the drawings have improved a lot since ye olde times… the price to pay is the sanity of scanlators 😀

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