6 thoughts on “Project #5 Misao. – It’s not Your First Time?

    • Actually… no, but seeing there is demand I have put a second link 😀

      I didn’t expect all that much complains about mixing magazine and tankoubon scans, its a pretty common practice. Plus I think my brain already ignores the censorship and creates the image behind, so I dont care that much lol


  1. Thanks. Downloading now. I agree with you re. the censorship, but it’s also good to see the author’s original intent.


  2. What English title of last translated chapters 2 and 3 of this tankoubon? You not type title of all chapters on it’s first pages, but names of another chapters may see on this site. Except this two. Please, notice English title of those two chapters.

    In future, best type English titles of all comics on it’s first pages, near Japanese titles.


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