An extremely random thought

Have you realized the covers and back covers on Fuyuno Mikan’s tankoubons are always characters from the chronologically next tank?

On the first tankoubon the cover and back cover girl was Kanade, and Kana-chan was on the flaps (You’ll get to know them soon 🙂 )


The second tank, the one we are translating has a twintails loli, who is Sasaha from the 3rd tank, she has a 3-chapter story there.


And on the third and last tank, the cover is Mei-chan, who appeared in one of the lasts Fuyuno Mikan’s chapters on comic LO and it was translated by mistvern and dragonice, go check it out!


Now, the back cover girls don’t ring any bell, so its “safe” to assume these girls will appear on future comic LO chapters and on Fuyuno Mikan-sensei 4th tankoubon!


Ok, I’ll go to sleep now

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