Next project poll

The time has come again :D. After This Fuyuno Mikan’s tank I wanted to take yet another break and then continue with his 3rd and last tankoubon, but one of my H translator acquaintances wanted the project, so he will probably translate it sooner than us.

Anyway, the options this time are these (click for enlarge!):

1) JC_manual_000 2) 001

3) 001 4)  000

5) 0 6) 0001

1) Yukio Con – JC Manual

2) Sekiya Asami – Bokura no Kyoukai

3) Noise – JS☆JC

4) Senke Kagero – Petit Heaven

5) Homing – Chou Love Love Imouto

6) Sorimura Youji – Shoujo Tajuusou

Remember you can vote more than one.

Due to obvious misuse of the poll (more than 500 votes? yeah right) we’ll have another round soon increasing the anti-multivote measures.


10 thoughts on “Next project poll

  1. Okay, I’m already inserting my choice…. But this is just a suggestion. Can you see about Shoji Ayumu’s “Chicca-na Onaka”? Just suggestion though, since two stories from the tank already animated and translated, so it’s kind of sad that the tank itself hasn’t properly translated yet…


    • I know. This tank is a little old and 5am is only doing magazine chapters lately. We’ve been talking by email before and there is no problem if he wants to do this one too.

      Just in case I’ll contact him again to have some peace of mind lol


  2. Hey man, I was wondering if you’re planning to do Henreader’s tank one day. Only asking because only magazine scans were translated for the most part and compiled for the translated “tank” (and only a couple of the actual tank pages were translated).


    • Well, if everything is translated on the magazine scans there is no need for me to translate anything, anybody with Photoshop could change the texts to the tank scans.

      Personally I don’t mind magazine scans, I already mixed previously translated chapters on magazine with mine from tankoubon, its a lot of work and I don’t really care.


  3. I would like to say that Senke Kagero Petit Heaven already has chapters1,2,3,5,6 translated, but I would love to see the rest translated


  4. A 2 horse race between JC and JS.JC. It’s very funny if you look at it 🙂

    To bad that my vote “Shoujo Tajuusou ” are a far 3 place. Please Rin scans, give some love to “Sorimura Youji – Shoujo Tajuusou”. I hope you guys don’t give up on this tank.


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