Regarding the previous poll results

At first I was happy to have gathered so many votes, but obviously I have access to the number of page views and visitors and 540 votes for a couple hundred visitors is not right.


2-3 days ago two or more bored people began to vote-war via JSJC and JC manual. I checked the results a couple of times everyday and each time one of this two was winning by a few votes, then hours later the other went up… and the cycle repeats. Yes guys, I don’t mean to brag, but I also know how to delete cookies, you have some real h4xxorz skills there.

So, the results of the poll were rendered useless by some people with too much free time, you know what? I was gonna do all 6, I wanted to just say “Hey, what did you vote? It doesn’t matter, since I’m gonna translate all of them!” The poll result was meant to be for choosing the order.

I’m aware those two titles were highly popular and maybe they could get to first and second place by fair means, but I don’t feel like rewarding the cheaters. I’m deeply sorry to the people who voted JSJC and JC manual, in the end everybody pays the price of someone else’s fault… I’m really sorry for this.

We discussed on the IRC what was the most fair way to handle this, do another poll would be a total turnoff, and I also thought of do the backward order, but that could rustle too much jimmies. In the end this is what I decided, our next projects will be:

Sorimura Youji – Shoujo Tajuusou


Senke Kagero – Petit Heaven

12 thoughts on “Regarding the previous poll results

  1. It appears your poll got the treatment.
    Read the link, it could have been worse 😉 I voted, and only once, for the Homing tank.
    You might want to contact about doing the Noise tank, however, either as a collaborator or to let him know, ”I’ll take this one for you”. Being that he’s still active, it isn’t like ”Well, sirC’s long gone, so I’ll do some Juan Gotoh” or ”Hayama Kotono has long since disappeared so Inuboshi is no longer off-limits”.


  2. I voted for these two (and JC Manual too) so I’m really happy with this result!
    Can’t wait to see it all and much more works translated!

    thanks a lot for your great work


  3. Thank you! This is a real blessing for me – I was so very disappointed when translation of Petit Heaven stopped short right before the best chapters were done.


  4. I know this poll business has been frustrating for you, but “Petit Heaven” is another case like “Porno Graffiti”. A translator announces a commitment to translating an entire tank, then for whatever reason drops the project without notice, effectively killing further translation on the tank. Cases like this are frustrating for us the reading/viewing public, and you guys have now come to the rescue a second time.



    • I know, I talked to the guys at Facedesk to ask if they wished to finish the tank but they let me do it 🙂 Fine by me because the best chapter is still untranslated…

      In fact I’m typesetting it right now :p


  5. Thank you for doing ANY of these, let alone all 10.
    Take your time, do which ever you want first and certainly don’t reward the cheaxors.
    : (
    (/^ ____ ^)/<3 ❤ ❤


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