Project #6 Uran – The girl I wasn’t Aware of


Author: 雨蘭 Uran

Original title: いつの間にか少女は Itsu no Manika Shoujo wa

[Link] [Sad panda] [Tsumino]

This will be a surprise for many, considering this volume translation has been a secret and I decided to publish it in one go.

This volume has one of the most ridiculous amounts of censorship, while the magazine scans were okay, look at this shit [comparison pic]. Finding the magazines and editing the pages has been pretty hellish.

Anyway, enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Project #6 Uran – The girl I wasn’t Aware of

  1. Okay, cool.

    Because of this, I hereby forgives you for not translating Sekiya’s-sensei work ASAP. 🙂

    Please keep up the good work :).


  2. I’ve seen worse, for C87 Mothman (Henreader) did a doujin with even more ridiculous censorship. This was the second release of it:
    The first version was much worse, nipples blacked out, a big black box over her crotch, even a censor bar over the kiss. I kid you not.
    If you look for it on sadpanda you’ll find the same version I linked to. But read the comments, I’m not kidding.


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