Look what I received today #5

Pandemonium, second tankoubon by Napata.


Napata is my favorite manga artist, period. The way he depicts women amazes me both in an artistically and anatomically way. He’s often included into “the gods of vanilla” artists, along with Homunculus, Hisasi and some more. Even if this time Napata wanted to do a succubus story, its as vanilla as any of his previous works.


Here is the family shot with Napata’s first tankoubon, “Sukidarake”. Despite having the same price tag, Pandemonium is slightly thicker, it probably has around 15 pages more.

If you haven’t read Sukidarake (fan translated as “Lovely Lovers Love” and officially translated by Fakku as “Love-ridden”) I urge you to do so, prepare for extremely sweet vanilla and awesome art.

It took exactly a month for this to arrive (I preordered and it was sent the release date), but for once, I’m glad I received it before anybody scanned it and uploaded to the internet

[Napata’s Pixiv]


5 thoughts on “Look what I received today #5

    • Posible es, no sé cómo de fiable es la traducción, pero el nivel de proofreading que tiene es penoso, por lo que no sé si confiar en que la traducción sea buena. Si lo hago sería traducido desde japonés otra vez, eso seguro.

      Ahora mismo tenemos muchos proyectos que terminar antes de buscar cosas nuevas, pero recuerdo haber leido este volumen hace un tiempo y me gustó bastante, así que todo podría ser.


  1. Esto me recuerda que Naoshi Onizuka antes era el rey de la vainilla en la Comic LO, es decir, no apto para diabeticos, pero ahora tiene un estilo mas orientado al erotismo, similar al de Higashiyama Shou, aunque a mi parecer sus historias siguen siendo muy buenas.


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