10 thoughts on “Project #8 Senke Kagero – Petit Heaven

  1. Thanks allot for finish this tank

    Is so sad when a tank is left half finished.
    You guys are doing a great work saving this unfinished tanks.

    Rin scans = Our Hero scans.

    There are a tank left unfinished from Ueda Yuu
    [Ueda Yuu] Kachin Kochin Koakuma http://exhentai.org/g/243299/04595c74a1/

    UGLIBLAWG was translating this tank but this group disappear before finished it.
    Please our hero, save it 😉


  2. Thanks so much for this. This is the third time you guys have come though and resolved long-standing frustration points in my life. (The other two were Porno Graffiti & Hajimete janai yo.) If you keep this up I may achieve nirvana.

    I hope certain other scanalators are spending this holiday season hanging their heads in shame.


    • nah, don’t be so hard with them, at least this time :p I actually asked the guys at facedesk before adding it to the poll, since the last translated chapter was relatively recent, they told me there was no problem luckily 🙂 same bussiness as noise’s tank and 5am actually


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