Comic X-Eros 3rd Anniversary 2016 Calendar


I tag this as “special release” since I haven’t translated anything this time, I just scanned.

This calendar was a freebie buying Comic X-Eros #37, and even being this issue scanned by several groups and Fakku translating the whole magazine, none of those did even mention the calendar. Being the illustrations gorgeous, I though I should sacrifice mine to share, and here it is. Check the tags for the artists.

[Sadpanda (I’m not sure if it will get expunged)] [Mega (JPG 86MB)] [Mega PNG (1GB) Part1 Part2 Part3]

Thank you to Von and kudo for the tips on scanning this, it’s my first time, be gentle senpai :<

2 thoughts on “Comic X-Eros 3rd Anniversary 2016 Calendar

  1. So in Japan they have an official Masturbation Day (July 21) ?
    A tip: the few time I’ve scanned color pages, on average I got way better results by activating the de-screen option in the driver (perhaps it needs a not-so-huge resolution to work its magic, though)


    • There also Porno Day, Tits Day, Sex Prohibition Day and Big Boobs Day.
      Definitely unofficial holidays on the looks of it. 😉


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