Project #10 Homing – Super love love sisters


Author: Homing – ホーミング

From: Super love love sisters – 超ラブラブいもうと

[Link] [Sad panda] [Tsumino]

This has been the first time I translated and edited everything on the cover. I usually don’t like it on other tank I’ve seen but in this case the work was so simple I had to try. Anyway the original Japanese cover is also included in the upload :p

This was a fun translation. Please forgive our terrible puns and enjoy this healthy dose of hentai logic.


3 thoughts on “Project #10 Homing – Super love love sisters

  1. I remember asking a while back if you would eventually do all of the tanks. So far, you’ve done a LOT of work. Thanks for all of the translations.


  2. Thanks for “Super love love sisters”
    Finally this is completed after all this years 🙂

    Thanks for all of the translations and for finish all this forgotten but not lost tankoubons 🙂


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