8 thoughts on “Project #11 Asami Sekiya – The Borderline

  1. It seems to have many grammar/spelling errors. I just flipped open to ch.11 “Mountains” and started reading that, and have seen many issues.

    Just a few examples:
    pg.183, bottom left bubble. (‘on her uniform’)
    pg.184 bottom left bubble. (‘will fell good’)
    pg.188 middle right bubble. (‘could’ve go in’)


  2. Hello Rin! First of all, thanks for all your big efforts, they are definitely appreciated! Though, after reading through the whole thing, there is just one thing that bothered me: the grammar. Everything else, for example, the typesetting, cleaning and overall the quality of the release is pretty much perfect. So, therefore, I was thinking if you are interested in letting me re-QC the whole work (I’ll even do the typesetting myself so as to not disturb your other currently running projects). Also, I’ve got a decent bit of Japanese knowledge under my belt, so I could also translation check it if you deem it necessary. Let me know if you’re interested or not, okay!

    *Note: I’ll re-release the chapters in your name (Rin Scans) as well, since your scanlation group is the one who originally scanlated the manga first.


      • Alright, I’m done retranslating chapter 1. Just need to typeset all the changes and it’ll be ready for release (unless you want to proofread ofc). One small note, though, there are a few sfx’es for which I am having trouble coming up with a correct English alternative (since the hentai scenes are full of them…).


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