Next project! (4)

Ayyyy time for a new poll. Choose Rin scans’ destiny.

Disclaimer 1: I only promise to do first the most voted. I’ll do most, if not all the remaining after that first, but the order will be somewhat a mix between the poll results and our personal preferences.

Disclaimer 2: If I detect suspicious results like the last time (i.e. 200 daily visits to the page and more than 200 votes) the poll results will be nullified and we’ll do whatever we want… sorry!

The options this time are these (click for enlarge and links to raws below!):

1)001  2)cover (1)

3)cover (4)  4)cover (6)

5)cover (5)  6)cover (2)

1) [Utano] Bright incest plan with Brother

2) [Tsuruyama Mito] Iiko ga Iino?

3) [Shouji Ayumu] Chiccha-na Onaka

4) [Yoshino] Hanairo Shoujo

5) [Wanyan Aguda] Round Shell Second

6) [Seihoukei] Chippai ha Seikou no moto

Remember you can vote more than one. The poll will remain active for 1 week.



21 thoughts on “Next project! (4)

    • They are great artists but they are sometimes to rape-y for my tastes. Translate and edit takes a lot of time and its not pleasant when I spend hours with pages I’m not comfortable with the contents.



        (skyward scream)


    • Wow I though I was the only one with the eye on this tank! O love the style (frills frills frills!) and it was one of the 8-9 tanks I considered for this poll, but in the end the fact that it has a few chapters translated already weighted it out… Maybe for the next one


      • Only 3 chapters, though, and it’s like, decades ago (Thank you, RandomTranslator).

        That’s aside, thank you for considering it.


      • Don’t know, maybe it’s like those tanks from Chi-Yu that got translated Jap to Ger, some of them have been translated to Eng but it wouldn’t surprise me those translators didn’t even know of the Ger version.
        BTW, I’d like to invite you to
        There are several translators there, including one who also does Jap to Esp.


  1. +1 Utano
    Pls consider translating more female mangaka works such Equal, Kimio Tamako, Dobato, Saeki, Kiyomiya Ryou, Rico, Ayano Rena, Emily, Ayuma Sayu, Okada Kou, Ichihaya […]


    • Kiyomiya Ryou had one tankoubon out, and it is pretty good. Close style with Okada Kou and Sekiya Asami (I like Sekiya Asami for story, but her art is just simply amazing).

      [Kiyomiya Ryou] Clarus

      Okada Kou…. Well, art is good, scene is, like, jalapeno-grade Hot, but the problem is that the artist likes too much NTR than it’s healthy, and Boss-Rin already declared to dislike anything rape-y.

      At this point, it seems that NecroManCr already claiming Rico’s work…. can anyone gave confirmation?

      Ayano Rena’s was usually got taken by mistvern.

      Ayuma Sayu…. uh, not loli ebough? 😛

      Ichihaya: Not have loli tank. Yet.

      Others was good, though.


  2. #Rin Nice to hear that. Seriously, cause some BBreast tanks are worth translating/reading.

    #RBomber There’re some more female-loli mangakas that I’d point out (such as Kedamaa, Ichiri, Dancyo, Kanroame, Fumii, Kaga Akuru, Booch, Tomekichi, Yuizaki Kazuya, […]) . Unfortunately they don’t have any tanks released yet, though.


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