11 thoughts on “Release #77 – Noise – JS☆JC ch. 2 “My brother is cute too”

      • Chapter 4 is also translated, and the translation seems fine, yet it’s in your status chart with everything else. Do you want to redo it as well?


    • I talked to the guys at facedesk and they gave me the psd files for that chapter, so I can change the scans to tankoubon scans (the resolution is bigger and whatnot), so I have to spend some time re-editing it, thats why its “translated” on the table :p


      • And one more question: do you have plans on Noise’s other untranslated tankoubons?


    • Not now. They get a little too rape-y sometimes. This tank also has a extremely gross tentacle chapter at the end, but otherwise its excellent… it was a hard choice.


      • At least this one isn’t all oppai loli. It seems over the past two years or so Noise is stuck in a rut. Look at the past two tanks, oppai lolis wearing shorts. That theme is getting a bit stale 🙂


      • I cannot agree more. Plus, the last chapters are beyond the line of oppai loli, they look more like high schoolers than lolis, I don’t understand how comic Lo editors haven’t said Noise to fuck off already, or at least relocate him to another magazine.


      • Well, I think it’s more like he sticks to it as his signature style. While LO dealing with mostly loli, they sometimes accept teenages too. Like the latest Hiroki Tsukiyoshi works or Meramera Jealousy. Granted, now MJ moves to Rin, but still.

        And in reverse, even magazines that mostly sell their boobs are sometimes includes lolis. Like Megastore (granted, it’s more like “all in” magazines) or BAVEL (Mutou Mato’s artwork are that damn too adorable compared with others in the magazines).

        And now, there’s KOH (highschooler aesthetics) and Juicy (late-elementary-> middleschooler). Noise can end up in Juicy, but only if readers want him there.


  1. Thank you for translating this older books.
    Looking in your releases are a good balance of newer and older books and a good variety of artist.
    I voted in the last pool for the first time and was difficult to decide what to vote.


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