5 thoughts on “Release #79 – Noise – JS☆JC ch. 11 “The goddess manager who made the baseball club a success”

  1. Hayama Kotono released a chapter from Tsuruyama Mito – Iiko ga Iino?

    Are you still translated this tank or doing a collaboration release with Hayama Kotono?


    • I was going to put up a notice about that tomorrow with the new tank release, but in short, I give up on that tank if Hako wants to do it no prob.


      • In his notice he don’t even make sure he will release the full tank because he only like a couple of stories. If he don’t release the full tank will you work in the rest of the tank in the future?
        Sorry to ask but it was my vote in the poll and i loved to see the full tank.


    • I know, but I stated my intention to translate that tank and then I suddenly saw that chapter translated >.> Hako has been a little unpredictable with this and it was also unpredictable with the Ueda Yuu tank, which I also said I wanted to do. Luckily I had not started any of those when they got released, but I simply don’t want to work in something and see somebody else released it a couple of days before I finished.

      I might sound angry but Im not btw xD


  2. 😦 I understand your frustration. I hope that don’t happen again in the future, because for us, fans, translators are the only way we can understand what is written in there. Maybe try trading e-mails so you guys don’t step in each other works. But maybe is only wishful thinking.

    I’m only sad that because of this misunderstanding maybe we will never see this tank fully translated 😦


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