A study on Noise’s loli habits

I was talking the other day with Freudia from Team Koinaka about the amount of moans in hentai manga and how interesting would be to count them all and extract a Moan to Dialogue Ratio (MDR for short), I think that would be a really representative meter for an artist’s page composition. For example this tank we’re doing right now from Shouji Ayumu has a really high MDR and that makes me really lazy to edit >.>

While the calculation of MDR would be a significant effort and I’m way too lazy to count moans, I remembered how Noise did in his last compilation volume a chart about the number of girls wearing glasses in the hardcover


“Concerning the Matter of the Abnormally Rapid Development of Girls Who Wear Short Pants” Hardcover, translated by 5.a.m., go read it!

This was really interesting too, but in my opinion, not the most interesting data in Noise’s tanks. Some people are complaining about how often Noise is doing stories depicting oppai lolis (or must I say udder lolis?) to the point he’s getting extremely repetitive, hell, I was the first one who complained about it, I said something along the lines of “I don’t understand why Comic LO editors let him do those lolis, they would fit better into Tenma or Koh.” But, are there that many oppai lolis? Let’s have a look.


Noise has been doing oppai lolis since day one and since the last 2 tanks the amount went from a few to almost half the girls.


Some other people say the repetitive theme is short pants + oppai, not only oppai. Well, the titles of the last two volumes are “The neighbor girls are wearing short pants and I’m getting turned on” and “Concerning the Matter of the Abnormally Rapid Development of Girls Who Wear Short Pants”, makes sense. However, as one should expect, this restrictive condition makes the numbers like a smaller version of only short pants.



If we forget about oppai and check only the short pants the statistic gets a little crazy. There is a huge rise of short pants in kinjo no ko.


We can see here how oppai lolis haven’t really risen too much, they are actually being more frequent slowly in the last years, while short pants are the actual repetitive theme in Noise’s late choices.

We’ll see next tank,but I have the feeling I’ve seen a lot of Noise udder lolis in the lasts LO issues. In the next volume compilation we’ll see if the tendency is still slowly growing in oppai while short pants remain in a really high ceiling.

Thanks to Amalthea from Koinaka for help me with the charts 😀

Edit july 2016: I just added the statistics of Noise’s last completed work, Short Pants to Iroiro. The trend went this time full short pants, scoring a whopping 100%


7 thoughts on “A study on Noise’s loli habits

  1. Pretty much what I expected. It’s true that Noise has always had oppai lolis, though I’m not sure how that’s defined, I don’t consider budding/small (nearly all of Noise) to be oppai – if they’d be considered large on an adult, that’s oppai. And ‘udders’? This http://nhentai.net/search/?q=milk+standard and this http://nhentai.net/search/?q=misty+isle would be good examples.
    If one boob is as large or larger than the head, that’s where it gets ridiculous.
    An old joke: ”What can she do? With difficulty, stand up!”. Noise at least hasn’t gone there yet.
    My guess as to why Noise seems stuck in a rut is the fact that a new Comic LO chapter gets cranked out every single month. Routine output of a routine job. Other artists such as Nekogen and Wanyan Aguda mix it up with different genres to different publications or take a break now and then or both.
    Though you, I and others have noticed the same thing with Noise, it’s getting less and less believable that the girls are actually lolis, they look and act more like high school girls. But Noise is kind of stuck there, Comic Tenma (the ‘grown up’ version of Comic LO) is being discontinued, and Noise might be stuck with Comic LO for contract reasons.
    It would be nice to see some variety like the tank you just did – even that old Japanese tradition https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tentacle_porn now and then.


  2. Actually, RIN accept moderate oppais and older girl (middle and highschool age) just fine. And more mature woman goes to Kairakuten. But, yes, that’s probably about contract or something ( or he just like oppai loli in general). :p

    Also, I just noticed: Most of my favorite artist got a lot of drawing blushing girl and moaning in general. I think the blushing part that got me (willing, but embarrassed out of their mind :D).


  3. Kinda bored with Noise short pants + megane combo in his tank. Even though I don’t have any problem with the oppai loli as long as the size is reasonable.


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