Project #14 – Shouji Ayumu – Tiny Belly

cover (4)

Author: Shouji Ayumu – 小路あゆむ

Title: Chiccha na okaka – ちっちゃなおなか

[Link] [Sad panda] [Tsumino]

This has taken more time than I expected at the beginning, basically because I lost motivation too soon, the plots are way too dumb and cliché and the images were small and poorly scanned. I didn’t enjoy this one too much, that’s why I didn’t bother translating the postscript or the rants in the back cover… sorry.

On the other hand, some brighter news, the last chapter in this tank is my release #100!

6 thoughts on “Project #14 – Shouji Ayumu – Tiny Belly

  1. So, too much vanilla isn’t good, either :p. Nevertheless, thanks for rather quick release (no more than 1 month).

    Also, please tell me that your secret tank is Shiawase 1500’s tank.


  2. What is an English title of chapter 11 of this tankoubon? It don’t written on first page of this chapter. On site it’s Japanese title is “Yuuna no Keikaku”.


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