Project 15 – Tsubaki Jushirou – Sister ⇔ Sister


Author: Tsubaki Jushirou – 椿十四郎

Title: Sister ⇔ Sister – シスター⇔シスター

[Link] [Sad panda] [Tsumino]

Here is the fabled secret project 😀 Yes, as you might guess seeing the cover illustration, this is not a loli volume (ok, there’s a loli, but just for a few pages).

Why did I decide to translate this one? Well, thats a good question I don’t have a particular answer to; I like long stories rather than 1-chapter ones and this one has two long stories. This artist had just a few chapters translated to English despite having quite a few volumes. Also the art and sex scenes were amazing.

It could be a little hard to tell if you haven’t edited manga before, but this volume, and actually all of Jushirou’s works have a really insane amount of redrawing work. We spent a lot of hours redrawing 90% of the pages. Every. Single. Moan. Needs. Redrawing. So I want to thank Manchewable from Koinaka to help me with the titles and the first chapter, you’re a beast.

Also just for the funsies I made a poll. Read only after reading the volume, huge spoilers.

[Go to the poll!]


5 thoughts on “Project 15 – Tsubaki Jushirou – Sister ⇔ Sister

      • 呛畳慢楫䨠獵楨潲嵵匠獩整⁲첁匠獩整⁲䕛杮楬桳⁝剛湩⽝

        This is what all of them look like, I’ve never had it happen before but when I downloaded it with my computer everything is normal so I’ll just transfer the files to my phone from there


    • Someone forget to turn off his automated translator? Because sometimes I got the same problem when using app locale….😅


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