Look what I received today #7

Naruko Hanaharu’s Shoujo Material. This is also my first purchased Fakku book.



I have bittersweet feelings about this book, partly because of the contents, which are a little darker than the kind I like. If you have read it you’d know what I’m referring to.

Really good vibes with how Fakku has published this one, the paper is good, clean white and it has a good smell. It includes the extra illustrations, the reversible cover and the translucent page, and that’s really nice. The quality overall is  comparable to the original Wani volumes, I can tell, I have a few.

If I have to say something negative, there’s something strange about the cover, perhaps is because I’m not used at this kind of paper for the dust cover, or I perceive differently the cover illustration after years and years of looking at it from scans and most probably over-saturated. More importantly Wild words as main font, Augie for the afterword!? Are you serious? Ok, these two are not bad fonts but they are so overused I have grow really sick of them…

3 thoughts on “Look what I received today #7

    • I know, I’m the first comment xD

      I love homing and his stories are really easy to edit thanks to the square shaped bubbles, I might do it once I find some time


  1. I share the same feeling as you about Shoujo Material. It’s not a pure vanilla stories but kinda mixed up with other stories such as Sci-Fi, Supernatural, etc. But I don’t hate it, Hanaharu Naruco’s artworks is really exceptional and make me feel the enjoyment from reading Shoujo Material.


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