New section: translation suggestions


Just a heads up, I opened a section to let you suggest me new things to work with. Your feedback is highly appreciated as always, so feel free to send some links.

The link is in the header bar, but just in case here it is again:

Edit: I realized the lack of counter-feedback could be a little awkward, so I decided to make public my choice spreadsheet

12 thoughts on “New section: translation suggestions

  1. Can I send additional suggestion post? Also, you might consider to not read Hikoma Hiroyuki’s works; forced sexual exploitation is basically his bread and butter. It’s almost an odd case that he didn’t post on Comic Mate/ Mate Legend.


  2. [Shiawase 1500] Amakumo no Kirema ni Mieru Kuni.
    There is a German translation of it, looks to be better quality than the raw:
    [Henreader] Hatsukoi Ribbon [English] [Facedesk + TV + VLtrans + lolilolihunters + cheesey] is complete, no panda of course, because Wani:
    [Hatch] Loli Tissue tends to be more than a bit depressing. Male character does his sister, gets beaten by papa, commits suicide – you’ve been warned.
    [Fujisaka Lyric] is one of Mistvern’s favorite artists, doesn’t mean it’ll be translated, just that it’s possible.


    • That german version has the exact same resolution, I prefer to give it my own image treatment from the raw.

      Coincidentaly I read loli tissue yesterday, and yep, the stories were too much for me.

      Yeah I know, I have contact with mistver and in case I decide to do that one I’ll tell him before just in case.


  3. I know furry is not your thing, but SILVER POP has furry only on first half, which already translated, and the latter half was not furry and I think it quite on your thing, include loli


      • I see… That sad, I think Kemonono style was really funny and hilarious while fab-worthy. Hard to find this kind

        Still I know this list is exponentially growth so its fine, wish your best luck


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