A little bad news

A little bad news

I decided to drop the project Utano – Onii-chan to Akarui Kinshin Keikaku, the reasons are various, the scans are pretty bad, the censoring is too crazy, and more importantly, looks like nobody even cares about it.

I’m deeply sorry to the people who already worked on this, Rev for cleaning the bubbles, Manchewable for redrawing the first chapter and oops for proofreading a couple of scripts, I’m truly sorry. I just don’t feel motivated to do it anymore.

I’ll focus for the moment being in Hanairo shoujo. Sorry to all the people who looked forward this one.

9 thoughts on “A little bad news

  1. Ah, that’s unfortunate. I personally would have been grateful for translation of this book. But in any case, it just means more freed resources for you to do other projects.


  2. …Okay, anyone interested to continue just, strictly, translate it? I’m not really that skilled with photoshop, but just typesetting it (no un-censor work, though) should be, say, acceptable?



    • The volume has quite a few difficult redraws, If you feel confident redrawing, then maybe :p but to be honest I don’t really feel like translating either


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