Look what I received today #9


The first number of “Towako”, the new magazine by Akaneshinsha, the same company that brings you Comic LO, Comic Koh, Girls for M, Juicy, etc.

If all the Akaneshinsha magazines are centered around one topic (Lo – Juicy – Koh -> grade – middle – high school), this one is no different, and the topics is quite odd, loli hags, in fact, you can see on the top right corner and the spine cover ロリババー専門誌 “Magazine specialized in loli-babas” (baba -> grandma). Either old fox goddesses with loli body or 3000 years old loli vampires, this magazine seeks to fill the gap of people wanting somehow legal lolis :p

On the sad news part, the guys at Mikocon said they weren’t able to get a copy of the magazine, so  there won’t be good scans unless some other scanner does it. In the meantime you guys will have to be satisfied with the poorly scanned digital raw :c.

Kinda off-off-topic, but there were a couple of color pages not present in the digital, and one of them announced a new artbook by Takamichi (Comic lo cover artist, but you knew that already, right? ( ¬‿¬)) with his cover illustrations.


6 thoughts on “Look what I received today #9

  1. “Somehow legal loli”.


    Is this an attempt for Akaneshinsha to, basically, muscling out to International (read: States) by basically, sending out their best “perfectly (dubiously?) legal” product, ready to legally translated into gaijin products with gaijin legal muscle (read: copyright lawyers) basically pruning off competitors? Because I can already see this vision, especially since I heard rumors that adult entertainment in Japan start to getting it rough now.

    With Wani entering states with FAKKU, this becomes very possible.

    Also, is this some kind of new trend of making hyper-thick adult manga magazines? First GOT, now Akaneshinsha….

    Also, that last Kaishinshi tankoubon? Only recently shows up in nhentai. So, new tank, freshly scanned.


  2. I don’t think that’s the case. Tenma got rip a while ago and rumors say the new substitute magazine is going to be about lolis as well.

    Porn in Japan is being prosecuted a lot mainly because the Olympics in 2020, they don’t want to receive thousands of visitors and let them see the sheer amount of pornography in manga stores, hundreds of porn magazines in convenience stores where children can see, and loli themed porn. We can only wait until just before Olympics to see where this goes.

    Also, this magazine is not that thick, its actually the smallerst among my other magazines. http://puu.sh/q9h3v/65018077c8.JPG

    Also nah, the kaishinshi tank is in ex as well. Looks really good, and it’s been already suggested, I’ll read it soon probably.


  3. Heh, even the issue number is written with old-style ideograms… It would only be appropriate to give scans Roman numerals, too bad that past VIII they don’t sort worth damn 😉


    • I blame America for that :p In my country there’s absolutely nobody getting confused with roman numerals.

      In exhentai they decided to name it “Towako Ichi”. but yeah, calling it “towako 1” or “towako I” would make more sense


  4. FYI, Towako II got scanned in Exhentai. And had at least 2 vanilla, no-sex xtory.

    The stories are… quite sweet, actually.


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