15 thoughts on “Release #139 Ueda Yuu – Magical Recipe (You can’t do good girls!)

  1. Can I just say that I really appreciate all the work you do with lolis especially since 5am has left for fakku. But Ueda Yuu is probably the most loli artist out there(imo ofc). He has a terrible case of same face with both girls and the guy and the stories are terribly straightforward even for a hentai. Anyways thanks for all the hard work!


  2. Well, to be fair most one-shots are fairly boring if you’re not great storyteller; or you use shock value (which, also tend to get boring pretty fast)


  3. Uh, hello, Rin? Are you okay?

    Also, I’m sorry, but it seems that most doujin series that, at least, looks worth translating are either already taken or not completed yet. Malcorond series were good, but the end isn’t really close, it seems….


  4. Oh , Okay, Cool.

    At least you’re… fine. Good to know 🙂

    Also, this might be me, but from the whole pics (can’t read Japanese) it seems this guy had… well, the best job a lolicon would ever hoped. ;).


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