Project #20 – Ueda Yuu – Good Girls Don’t Do That!


Author: Ueda Yuu 魔法レシピ

Title: Yoiko wa Shichadame よい子はしちゃダメ!

[Link] [Sad panda]


2 thoughts on “Project #20 – Ueda Yuu – Good Girls Don’t Do That!

  1. Y’know, I should be happy (and I did (Honest!)) that another tank, a very cute and hot tank from Ueda Yuu finally fully translated, and you already start another cute and hot loli tank (and it is very hot tank indeed).

    It’s just…


    It’s just that Amakumo tank seems getting less and less probable to get translated these days….

    I know, It’s impolite of me. I’m sorry.

    On Yoiko: Well, on the other hand, his dream of having loli harem (definitely not a blackmailed manwhore of bunch of pretty little sluts. Definitely) come true and stays that way in very long unforeseeable future….

    In the other hand, well, now he’s blackmailed manwhore for for bunch of pretty little sluts, who may or may not be stays pretty, but definitely not stays little in the future, with no permanent decent housing above his head.

    Well, that’s you get for stiffling payment, I guess (debt collector, no matter burly bullies or cute little nymphs, will always bane of debtor (although cute little girls at least can be good for headache distraction, at least)).


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