About commissions and donations

Sorry but I don’t accept either.

This is just a hobby for me and I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking commissions, mainly for two reasons.

The first one is because I’m always translating stuff I like, making me way more motivated to do so. If I accept some random translation, the chances of it being not good enough for my tastes are pretty high.

The other reason is that if I had money at stake I wouldn’t see this as a hobby, but as a responsibility. I don’t want that kind of pressure, I translate manga mainly for pleasure.

As for donations, I just don’t feel comfortable accepting those either when the people who actually worked their asses off were the artists. I’m mostly translating things that don’t have any chance of leaving Japan, thus I’m not really harming any artist or company, basically because no English-speaker was going to buy them anyway.

However, if you feel indebted to somebody don’t donate to that weeb translator, buy the original manga from the original artist so you encourage them to publish more content… And you’ll also get a cool book on your shelves!

I have written a guide on Reddit about importing manga to your country. Importing an H-manga volume or magazine from Honto will cost you less than $15 (including shipping).Come on, its cheaper than most manga you can buy in stores. I understand that not everybody can have erotic manga on their shelves, not to mention loli manga, but if you can, please support the industry directly 🙂