Yes! I’m not dead, haha.

As some of you already knew, I was hired by FAKKU as editor some months ago, and now I’m proud to announce the first book working for them, Leopard’s Ecchi Sketch:


It’s been a hard work, doing every single sound effect, every moan, and ensuring the highest quality possible, but I’m really proud to be sending books all the way to the printers having started translating as a fan less than two years ago.

PS: I created a twitter account to closely follow artists and my co-workers, you can check it out here  @rin_grc. The FAKKU chapters I retweet are often my own edits.

PSS: I didn’t forget about my ongoing projects, Kimi ga haramu is about to be finished thanks to a kind redittor who is helping me wrapping it up, and I’m looking for people to edit Loli Check. Expect them as soon as they’re completely done. :>