A study on Noise’s loli habits

I was talking the other day with Freudia from Team Koinaka about the amount of moans in hentai manga and how interesting would be to count them all and extract a Moan to Dialogue Ratio (MDR for short), I think that would be a really representative meter for an artist’s page composition. For example this tank we’re doing right now from Shouji Ayumu has a really high MDR and that makes me really lazy to edit >.>

While the calculation of MDR would be a significant effort and I’m way too lazy to count moans, I remembered how Noise did in his last compilation volume a chart about the number of girls wearing glasses in the hardcover


“Concerning the Matter of the Abnormally Rapid Development of Girls Who Wear Short Pants” Hardcover, translated by 5.a.m., go read it!

This was really interesting too, but in my opinion, not the most interesting data in Noise’s tanks. Some people are complaining about how often Noise is doing stories depicting oppai lolis (or must I say udder lolis?) to the point he’s getting extremely repetitive, hell, I was the first one who complained about it, I said something along the lines of “I don’t understand why Comic LO editors let him do those lolis, they would fit better into Tenma or Koh.” But, are there that many oppai lolis? Let’s have a look.


Noise has been doing oppai lolis since day one and since the last 2 tanks the amount went from a few to almost half the girls.


Some other people say the repetitive theme is short pants + oppai, not only oppai. Well, the titles of the last two volumes are “The neighbor girls are wearing short pants and I’m getting turned on” and “Concerning the Matter of the Abnormally Rapid Development of Girls Who Wear Short Pants”, makes sense. However, as one should expect, this restrictive condition makes the numbers like a smaller version of only short pants.



If we forget about oppai and check only the short pants the statistic gets a little crazy. There is a huge rise of short pants in kinjo no ko.


We can see here how oppai lolis haven’t really risen too much, they are actually being more frequent slowly in the last years, while short pants are the actual repetitive theme in Noise’s late choices.

We’ll see next tank,but I have the feeling I’ve seen a lot of Noise udder lolis in the lasts LO issues. In the next volume compilation we’ll see if the tendency is still slowly growing in oppai while short pants remain in a really high ceiling.

Thanks to Amalthea from Koinaka for help me with the charts 😀

Edit july 2016: I just added the statistics of Noise’s last completed work, Short Pants to Iroiro. The trend went this time full short pants, scoring a whopping 100%


Look what I received today #6

Comic X-eros 37.


This magazine hosts a lot of my favorite artists, so I’ve been waiting for a good issue to came out and buy. I have to say I’m a bit surprised with the paper, looks like the same as Comic Kairakuten at first glance, but its actually slightly thicker, and it doesn’t have heavily recycled pages like Kairakuten.

If having full color stories drawn by TakayaKi, Henreader, Soiji Hougu and many more wasn’t enough to convince me, this issue came with an 2016 calendar, all 12 unreleased illustrations from my favorite artists… That is an instabuy.


Even if there are already 3 different scans of this magazine on the internet, none of them has the calendar for some reason. I’d like to scan it but the size is pretty big for my scanner (B4 paper 250mm x 353mm) and I have no way to do so 😦

Here are some of the illustrations of the calendar I took photos of:




If somebody knows how to scan B4 illustrations on a scanner slightly bigger than A4, please tell me :<



Importing manga (H or not H) from Japan

I wanted to link this but I was always forgetting, and now that I see I’m receiving some visitors from 8ch because someone asked how to import japanese manga, I think is a good time.

I wrote a wiki article on the topic on reddit’s /r/manga, where I usually hang, so here you go:

[Japanese Import Guide]

For importing H manga you want to use Honto or Mangaoh, since amazon will not allow you to import adult material. More specifically, for buying comic LO read the comments from this post, since its pretty hard to find the magazine on honto

Hi to all 8ch visitors 🙂 enjoy your stay.

Look what I received today #5

Pandemonium, second tankoubon by Napata.


Napata is my favorite manga artist, period. The way he depicts women amazes me both in an artistically and anatomically way. He’s often included into “the gods of vanilla” artists, along with Homunculus, Hisasi and some more. Even if this time Napata wanted to do a succubus story, its as vanilla as any of his previous works.


Here is the family shot with Napata’s first tankoubon, “Sukidarake”. Despite having the same price tag, Pandemonium is slightly thicker, it probably has around 15 pages more.

If you haven’t read Sukidarake (fan translated as “Lovely Lovers Love” and officially translated by Fakku as “Love-ridden”) I urge you to do so, prepare for extremely sweet vanilla and awesome art.

It took exactly a month for this to arrive (I preordered and it was sent the release date), but for once, I’m glad I received it before anybody scanned it and uploaded to the internet

[Napata’s Pixiv]


An extremely random thought

Have you realized the covers and back covers on Fuyuno Mikan’s tankoubons are always characters from the chronologically next tank?

On the first tankoubon the cover and back cover girl was Kanade, and Kana-chan was on the flaps (You’ll get to know them soon 🙂 )


The second tank, the one we are translating has a twintails loli, who is Sasaha from the 3rd tank, she has a 3-chapter story there.


And on the third and last tank, the cover is Mei-chan, who appeared in one of the lasts Fuyuno Mikan’s chapters on comic LO and it was translated by mistvern and dragonice, go check it out!


Now, the back cover girls don’t ring any bell, so its “safe” to assume these girls will appear on future comic LO chapters and on Fuyuno Mikan-sensei 4th tankoubon!


Ok, I’ll go to sleep now

Look what I received today #4


Petit Heaven, by Senke Kagero. When I first read this one I got completely mindblown with the art. Thin lines reminiscing me of Higashiyama Show, and the drawing poses are completely amazing, a piece of art.



This is the first tank I got ever from Moog comics (and probably the last, since they usually deal with themes I don’t like), and I have to say the quality is pretty good, but something I noticed is the dust cover is “baggy”, looks like its slightly bigger than the usual, and it moves more, which is a good thing, since all the other companies’ dust covers are extremely tight, and sometimes its hard to close the book without having to adjust the dust cover.



This volume came also with a pinup poster, pretty nice 🙂

Look what I received today #3


My newest acquisition is “Lolicha love”, by Mdo-H

I fell in love with the art in this volume when I first saw it. great drawings, cute girls and full of happy sex 🙂


The SAL shipping karma was pretty bad this time. this left honto’s HQ September 20th, so that’s a full month, sheeeeit.