Japan’s erotic manga world 101

Buying manga from Japan has given me some sort of knowledge that it’s not often commented around the internet.

I’m sure most of us collect manga to some extent, and have from some humble manga volumes to several full shelves. When we buy manga we often want to know some details, the weight, paper size, the quality of paper, the accuracy of translations… some variables that surely will be also important if you ever want to buy erotic manga. If you are curious about it you can find this article interesting.

DISCLAIMER: all these data comes from my personal experience buying H manga, there are more companies this guide will not cover, and the reason is I have never bought anything published by them.

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Look what I received today #2


Yep, the latest Yukiu Con Tankoubon: JC manual. Yukiu Con has always been one of my favorite loli artists, so I totally had to buy this one. Plus, thanks to the point program on honto I bought it by less than half the price, 450JPY. Here is a shot with his big brother, Shoujo wa kyou:


Now for the drama part. JC Manual started to sell on stores 2 weeks ago, the 28th of July, 9 days after the full tank was scanned and uploaded to our favorite panda bear… While the vast majority of people see that as a pretty good think, I don’t, this book was scanned too soon, and that will affect to its sales, when I downloaded by torrent, around the 80% of the peers were from Japan, people that surely have easy access to stores selling the book, so it’s foolish to think no sales were killed by publishing a scan so soon…

Obviously 1 download ≠ 1 less sale, but I found really painful to see this great artist’s latest book being scanned soon, manga is a business, even if I, and thousands of people think Yukiu Con is a beast mangaka, if the book doesn’t sell well, we won’t have more stories from him. Manga artists need money, even H artists, even Loli artists.

About translating this volume… I might, I probably will. I want to translate myself at least the last story, featuring Sayu, the cover girl from Shoujo wa Kyou and my first translation release “Love is Money (Temporally)”, I don’t know about the rest, we’ll see when I finish with Fuyuno Mikan.

By the way I think 2 weeks is a new world record for SAL shipping.

Look what I received today #1


This is the first Comic LO issue I ever bought, I’m quite surprised about some things, I used to buy Comic Kairakuten and, aside from the contents, this magazine is better in a lot of ways. The paper quality and thickness, the glossy material of the cover, the amazing cover artwork… I was also surprised it has a spine cover… Kairakuten is just an oversized magazine, without spine cover, this is much more like a big book, the +300 yen extra are for a reason.



The only downside I detected for the moment is this issue doesn’t have a single color page (ooooh!), when I saw on the [Akaneshinsha site] the first artist on the roster was Yukiu Con I assumed his first pages would be in full color but I was mistaken 😦

Well, at least I get to read it before the majority of baka gaijin, since it won’t be scanned and uploaded until the ~21st of this month, approximately, when the October issue starts selling on stores.