Project #13 – Noise – JS☆JC


Author: Noise – ノイズ

Title: JS☆JC

Look at the amount of tags >.> Whatever your fetish is, this tankoubon has you covered. Be careful with the last chapter if you don’t like tentacles (I don’t), It’s pretty gross but I couldn’t leave a chapter untranslated >.>

Thanks a lot to Von from Facedesk to send me the PSD files for the chapter 4, Triple HP, I appreciate it a lot.

[Link x2400px] [Link x1600px] [Sadpanda] [Tsumino]

Some notices:

-Next up is Shouji Ayumu’s tank, as promised, but first I’m going to take a little break to finish translating JC manual to Spanish… I also promised.

Hayama Kotono did another chapter from Tsuruyama Mito’s Iiko ga Iino? He did the first one some time ago already, so I’m letting them do the rest. I don’t want to start working on something to discover somebody else translated it a couple of days before I did. >.>

-And lastly, I want to give my congratulations to 5am for getting a job on Fakku. I can’t think of a more talented translator and editor who’d deserve it more than him.